I have wanted so long to write this blog.  I’ve wanted to talk and share all the joys and trials that a woman goes through in her life. Doesn’t it seem sometimes that life is just a series of letting go?.. There have been some very hard times in my life recently, and I would bet in yours too.. Let’s share…

This picture was taken in the BWCA – Boundary Waters Canoe Area in 2005.  I will be sharing many photos and experiences from the journeys that my husband and I took over the course of the 14 years we traveled there.  I remember this evening well, it was so warm and lovely, and the colors of the evening were exotic and i could not quit taking pictures. I wish I had taken more of him, my Dan, but who knew he would be gone from my life too soon… I will talk about that too… Grief…

And being a woman, well that involves so many issues and experiences all of our own right?  God created us in such a unique and lovely way.  I’ll be talking about Him too.. My King, my Jesus…

I hope you will frequent my page… it’s going to be a work in progress… Bless you..


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  1. Someday, this won’t make me cry, but for now I’ll hang on to every written word. You’re such a natural ! I can’t wait to read more. Love ya Sista ! Norine

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  2. Deb, I’m so glad you are writing this blog. I love reading your stories and your writing is beautiful. Can’t wait to read more of your and Dan’s adventures!

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  3. Deb, I have no words . But I’ll try. Your words have captured the love you have for your Dan. We are so blessed that you have decided to share your heart and stories. Love you always.

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