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I have a poem I want to share with you… I carried this with me in my journal and at least once during the trip while we were retiring at night I would read it aloud.  When I first came across it I had to look up the word “gleaning”  for a meaning and it is “to collect or gather.”  I hope you enjoy it….

                         Gleaning in the Wood
There is a place that calls to me upon this earthly sod,
Where I can share camaraderie with nature and with God;
a place where I’m committed to gleaning from a land
whose bounty has been given me by His abundant hand.
Where hardwood touches lofty pine and sweet the meadows smell
along this mountain range I love far more that words can tell,
I stand upon a hilltop as I gaze across the land
and ask a blessing on the earth far as my eye can span
Although some men may like the noise of busy city streets,
I must walk on timbered land with soil ‘neath my feet;
there’s no place I would rather go, nor change things if I could
because I love the country and the fresh, clean smell of wood.
Sometimes my faith’s been tested…but I have peace within
that comes from knowing Jesus Christ as partner and as friend;
and though sometimes the ways of God I may not understand,
I know He holds my every breath securely in His hand.
Amid this restless world, we need to seek the living God,
for years advance as surely as do rings around a log.
His Spirit, then, can help us meet the day the way we should,
and we’ll keep things in perspective.. while we’re gleaning in the wood..
Louisa Godissart-McQuillen

bwca 2005 027

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