Distant Shores….


Most of my photo’s of Dan out in the canoe fishing are shots taken while he is paddling away.. this is one of the rare ones of him coming back to camp… I knew that he probably brought back fish for supper.. and no one could fry fresh fish like my husband… if he only had one, he would insist that I eat most of it.. was not happy unless he knew I had my fill…

This is one of those posts I talked about on Day 1 about grief.. it’s endless.. but flows like waves – some days calm – some days stormy.  Today is one of my sad days…

BWCA 2004 095I was listening to a song by Sara Brightman from the “Thornbirds” called “The Last Words you Said.”

Somewhere in time I know,

Darling you’ll come back to me.

Roses will bloom again,

But Spring feels like eternity.

In your kiss it wasn’t goodbye.

You are still the reason why.

Heaven help us cross this endless sea
with starlight above to guide you to me.
Waves crashing on distant shores,
They’re calling our names forever more….


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